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Sourdough Pizza “a taglio” Style

“A taglio” (ah TAH-lee-O) is the style of pizza sold throughout Rome.  Baked and displayed in large sheet pans, you pay for a slice cut to order.   There’s a lot to like about this dough.  For beginner’s this is an easy dough to mix.  It’s also extremely versatile.  Top it with just olive oil and […]

Book Recomendations

In the past week a few people have asked me for business book recommendations. Here are a few of my all time favorites. Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street Interviewing is one of the most important skills a business owner can develop. The methodology for interviewing described in this books is fantastic. I became […]

Friday Night Sourdough Pizza Formula

Eight years ago I opened a wood fired, sourdough crust pizzeria.  The restaurant didn’t work out, but the dough formula still lives on.  The original formula was developed by Sarah “Biggie” Lemke, a talented baker now working in Europe, who I had the brief pleasure of working with.  Recently, I revisited her formula with the […]

Covid Survival Mindset

These are screwed up times.  For everyone. A few monhts ago my small business was on pace to have a record sales year.  Today, I’m happy we still have a business. Here is what I’m thinking to get through this.   1. This is going to take longer that any of us want When state lockdowns […]

This is How you Own a Restaurant

A Few words on how to do it right. This is how you own a restaurant.  Start small.  Avoid a lot of debt or investors.  The less you spend up front, the sooner you will be making money.  If possible own your real estate.  This will help finance your business needs now and “retirement” later […]

Grilled Pizza: Dough Recipe

Want to make amazing pizza at home? No need for a backyard brick oven. Grilled Pizza is where its at.   Here’s a simple formula for grilled pizza.  This dough formula call for 70% hydration, which can be challenging to manage for new pizza makers.  You can reduce the hydration down to 66% and still […]

When to close a business

Four things to consider before closing your doors for good. Recently, a friend of mine, let’s call him Mike, had one of his worst fears come true.  His business had run out of money. This was strange. Mike owned a deli with a cult following.  Every week customers waited in long lines to buy one […]