My name is Ian Gurfield.  I make dough for a living.  Literally and figuratively.  This one word “dough” represents the intersection of two subjects I’m insanely interested in.

The first is the craft and science of making pizza dough.  I’ve been making pizza professionally for the past 19 years.  Everyone who is serious about making pizza knows the paradox I’m about to write.  Making pizza dough is easy.  Making great pizza dough consistently is hard.

Every month I run multiple dough experiments.  Here you will find the results of some of those experiments and great information on making pizza in general.

My second interest is small business.  Over the past 17 years I’ve been a founder or investor in several food businesses.    I’m fascinated by the mechanics of small business.  Why do some things work and other don’t?  In this blog I share the best lessons from my mistakes and success.

I’m not here to bloviate about my life or wax philosophical about what is wrong with society.  Every post in this blog is designed to give you actionable advice.  This means stuff you take and put in practice in your own life and business.  If its working for you, please drop me a line and let me know.  If not, read something else.

Thanks for you time,